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Moab Music Festival 25th Anniversary

Music in concert with the landscape — you have to see it to believe it.

25 years ago, three people thought it would be a good idea to start a music festival...
in the desert.
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Opera: The Shining

The Shining is an American opera in two acts and an epilogue, with music by composer Paul Moravec and a libretto by Mark Campbell, based on the novel by Stephen King.
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Late Night with Leonard Bernstein

A well-known insomniac for whom night was a time for creativity and friendship, deep introspection, and revelry, the iconic Leonard Bernstein loved to work at all hours, often entertaining friends and guests late into the night and dazzling them with charismatic performances across a wide range of musical styles. Late Night with Leonard Bernstein – hosted and narrated by his daughter Jamie and featuring acclaimed soprano Amy Burton and noted pianists John Musto and Michael Boriskin – is an affectionate, multi-media portrait of the personal side of this singularly public figure. This vibrant evening captivated sold-out audiences at Lincoln Center and Copland House when it first opened, and is continuing to enchant concertgoers in Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Buffalo, Charleston, and many other cities across America.
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Three generations of celebration and closeness in this sweeping retrospective of a young girl's first 13 years. She saw the full film for the first time at her bat mitzvah.
Sara was amazed and overjoyed to see her life portrayed with such love. Everyone noticed how expertly the editing expressed the themes of her life and passions and the depth of her relationship with her sisters and family. I can't find the words to tell you how pleased we are with your work and how much this tribute means to our family. Thank you from all of us!
H.P. Taubman, CA

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What is Harmony?

The students and teachers at the United Nations International School in Manhattan describe what harmony means to them.

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An epic look at one girl's remarkable relationship to ... the floor.

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Swimming On

When champion swimmer Gary Hall is diagnosed with diabetes, his hopes for Olympic Gold are tested. Humility meets passion in his success story.

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An elderly Jewish man speaks about surviving loss and staying engaged in life.

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Holidays in Manhattan

An accountant wishes his friends and clients "happy holidays" in a video romp starring his 5 kids (3 of them are triplets).

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Retired boxer Jake Lamotta (played by Robert Deniro in Raging Bull) recites his lifelong favorite monologue for a group of aspiring boxers.

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A Tradition of Music

The yearly traditions of a family set to two daughters' piano playing.
A professional film and video editor creates video memoirs and cinematic art from your home movies.